,,Are you about to enter blogging or you are curious about what type of blogs make the most money? Either way, I have answers for you. But there is one thing I want to say prior to talking about the best niches.

Do not listen to those who claim you need to enter one super special niche. That’s wrong because blogging is not a race, but a marathon meaning  you need a fire, a passion to express yourself fully and do it for many years to come.

The reason for that is, if you don’t have a passion, the chance is, you will give up. It is really hard to keep working for a sustainable period without love or fun.

 However, some say, do what necessary, loves comes after. You decide.

I have created this list of best-paid blog types based on actual research data from Google Trends. 

“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”




1. News blogs 

This niche is top paid with income potential up to 6-7 figures per month. Accordingly, it is one of the hardest to start because you need a lot of quality content and knowledge.What type of blogs make the most money

Building a news blog takes dedication and consistency. Your customers want to read good stuff every day, given that, you will need to hire a team to keep up with demand.

It is important to monitor your customers and observe their interests. You need to get to know your audience.

Once you have done it, you can focus on the content they love most.

News blogs have the biggest amount of searches on Google which means large traffic every day. The biggest news blogs are:


2. All about Food

Everyone likes to eat delicious meals, but not everyone knows how to prepare them. Thankfully, the internet provided us with ways to find recipes. All you need to do is to google the name of the dish you want to cook and choose from thousands of recipes.What type of blogs make the most money

If you think about starting your food blog, firstly think about dishes you consider your signature. Because, having lots of practice cooking them, you will create visually attractive meals and for your information eating with eyes is hard-wired in our brain. 

Your possibilities are unlimited. You can create your cookbook online and share it with the world. You can consider  these foods diet trends and create a blog about:

  • Keto diet
  • Paleo diet
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Whole 30

Big food blogs attract millions of visitors, therefore, this niche is on big demand. You can monetize your food blog with adds or creating eating plans, diet plans, etc.. 

To get inspired check these amazing food blogs.

3. Health and Lifestyle

Another type of blogs that make the most money is a healthy lifestyle blog. You don’t have to be an expert in health, because; you are a bridge between experts and your audience.What type of blogs make the most money

This Niche is broad. You can narrow it to healthy food recipes, fitness ideas, vegan foods and any other advice on how to stay healthy. 

The key is in research. Health industry requires information to be confirmed with evidence, especially if you blog about nutrition and supplements. Staying healthy is a science. Once you understand facts, you can use them to sort your customer problems in your own way.

Want to see how great health blogs might look like?


4. Movie blogs

People love entertainment and they love great movies. A blog like CinemaBlend attracts and engage19 Million visitors each month. It is a niche with almost unlimited traffic possibilities.

Blogs are a fantastic way to express your reviews or opinions about movies or shows. This kind of blog can be a lot of fun because you are interacting with your readers and work together to shape great reviews about favorite movies.movies

The movie pilot blog has a community of 30 million readers. What is special about this community? Readers are creating content instead of owners. That is a fun and engaging way to interact with each other. 

Movie blogging niche is competitive and it might take a lot of effort to reach your goals but never say never. If you love movies, try it.

Rotten Tomatoes started from scratch and now they are ranking for 1.7 million keywords according to MOZ.com. They are able to influence the movie industry because of their amazing achievement. 

5. Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are not just content, they are about your lifestyle and passion. These kinds of bloggers travel all over the world and infuse their blogs with personal experience. Do you want to join them?What type of blogs make the most money

Create the blog and write about your past travel experience. Need advice on how to blog? Check my post on how to create a blog.

If you intend to be a professional travel blogger, create your brand and look at it as your business, because that what it is. Set your business plan and goals, that will help you develop your long-term strategy. 

Some of the best travel blogs:



6. Pets Blogs

Perhaps this might look like a surprise for some but data don’t lie. People are wanting to find out more about their best furry friends. Pet niche gets more searches than, for example, finance or fashion. For this reason, it is worth to consider starting a pet blog.pets

Where is traffic, there is money, That is the reason pet blog will bring you profits just like any other blog. The most traditional way to monetize your blog can be through affiliate marketing.  That means promoting someone else’s products.

Another great option of monetizing your pet blog is through AdSense. That means posting ads on your blog. You get paid based on clicks which can be from an average $1000 per month from smaller blogs, big blogs make 10 times more.

Do you love pets?

The biggest pet blogs?


7. Tech blogs

If you are about to enter the tech blog, be warned, it competes with very authoritative names inside. Tech blogs are popular and serve millions of users in the market. To compete in the tech niche some technical knowledge would be beneficial because your competitors have it. Remember, technologies are upgrading often which means your blog demands frequent updating. What type of blogs make the most money

But don’t worry, the big competition just shows that niche is a real deal. General tech is hard to stand out but if you narrow your blog to sub-niche things become different. Some profitable and worth considering sub-niches are  Robotics, Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, Gadgets, IT-based and more. 

If you have the desire in tech, don’t doubt the niche and work on it. One thing to remember, despite the competition, quality always stands out.

 The biggest tech blogs are:


8. Finance Blogs

This is another broad niche that explains ways of multiplying your money and saving it. In finance, you can advise your readers on investment tips, budget tips, debt management, and other essential knowledge. Average American wants to retire early, they love stock markets and they are planning to send their kids to college. Finance bloggers will provide with a lot of useful information regarding your personal finance and how to achieve your financial goals. finance

Would you enjoy creating a finance blog? Do not hesitate. The opportunities for potential success are great. You can use your life experience to get your blog started. However, just like in any other niche, research will improve your ability to do the best quality content.

If you want to learn in-depth about finance, these blogs will be beneficial for you:


9. Fashion blogs

Fashion is an industry that focuses more on visual content. For a successful fashion blog, the design is a priority. It means that start-up costs will be likely higher because of the extra website design expenses.  fashion

Do not worry about that because a beautiful web design doesn’t have to be expensive. It can cost a fortune if you hire a web designer but it doesn’t have to be this way. I strongly recommend using elegant themes as your webpage builder. Their theme DIVI is the most desired theme in the world and it looks fantastic. The best part is anyone can do it, all you need to do is drag and drop. 


Create an account on Instagram because it is full of fashion lovers. With an engaging Instagram account, you can grow and drive traffic to your website. Fashion has many sub-niches,  you can choose direction towards clothes, makeup, skincare, home, traveling and more.

To have more insight into fashion check these fashion blogs.


10. DIY and Crafts

Do It Yourself (DIY) is not the most popular blogging niche, but it’s attractive to the search engines. By Google Trends data it overcomes dating, relationship, and make money niches. What type of blogs make the most money

What DIY ideas could you use in your blog? They are quite a few:

  • Before and after pictures and description
  • Step to step guide 
  • Creative ideas
  • Creating crafts
  • Let’s make…

When someone asks how? You are coming to help with the answers or manuals, or both. If you are using a creative approach, it’s fun to create content and help your readers to sort through their issues.

Look at proper DIY sites



It is not just about the blog niche; it is about You

Any of these blog niches can be a game changer for you. No matter which you choose, you can earn 6 figures income if you do it right. Doing it right means planning your content and business. Therefore, that means, having a strategy for the future of your blog.

Follow your hearth, ask yourself what would you love to speak about after 1 or 3 years of blogging?  Would you be able to write a book or create a course in your chosen niche? The ultimate aim is creating your own digital product, think about that seriously. 

It takes an effort and the time to stand out in your niche. That’s why you need to be specific about your niche.  For example,

don’t just choose health, it’s too broad. Think about narrowing it down to Keto recipes and then grind in a depth.

Create a vision and execute. Nothing really matters unless you take action and move forward