Most of the bloggers who are starting in 2019 will fail. That’s really sad, but it’s true. Do you want to follow a different path? Then you need to unleash your blogging potential because there is no other way.

In these days people seek the average. They work average jobs, they are following average standards, they are writing average posts with average headlines. People are teaching kids to create average habits.  On top of that, the internet is full of average advice for the average situations. The average is 96% of the population.

Follow the average formula and you are destined to fail not only in blogging but also in life. 

I have created this post with you in my mind. I believe that it’s time to take your mindset to the next level because that is the root cause of all failures. Your part is to decide how badly you want it. There are 7 billion people on the planet and you might be thinking that it’s not in your power to make an impact, but this is not the case. You are the center of the network and connected to everyone through your friends, family, social networks and your blog. It is possible to make an impact, in fact, that’s a choice.

Success is a choice, never underestimate your ability to be successful.

Learn to manage your time like a pro.

I understand you are busy. You might be taking care of your kids or preparing meals for the day. Maybe you just finished your work and feel tired to do blogging. Some people prefer to relax in front of their TV or Play Station. So, how do you manage your time?Unleash your blogging potential

Every successful person has a 24 hour day. For example, sometimes I am looking at Tony Robbins and wondering, how is it possible to accomplish all daily tasks that he is doing? He runs 12 companies at the same time, speaking public, mentoring and enjoying life. Look at the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is waking up every day at 4:30 am and grinding all day long. What’s the secret behind their success?

It’s excellent time management. It starts in the previous evening because that is when you should write your plan for the next day. This method is proven to be the most effective in terms of planning and problem-solving because your mind is never really sleeping. During the night your unconscious mind will be working, planning and after you wake up, you will discover answers to your questions.

Prioritize the hardest tasks first

The most efficient working hours (for your body) starts in two hours after you wake up. Your body is like a battery. It slowly discharges during the day. When it’s empty you will need to recharge your battery.

Your abilities to accomplish the most difficult tasks will lose efficiency throughout the course of the day. That being said, it’s extremely important to prioritize and do the deep work earlier. Don’t waste your mornings chilling and Netflix(ing).

When I say deep work I mean pay full attention to your tasks, no distractions. Cut out all the stuff that disturbs you like Facebook, e-mail, calls, etc. Make sure that you are not losing your focus. For me, my writing time is the most important task of the day. What I am doing is creating my own environment. I like to sit in my office, away from my family, usually for around two hours. I don’t mind listening to music, that helps me to feel relaxed. If I am not disturbed, I will accomplish all my tasks (at least) 2x quicker.

Another important task for a blogger is to focus on research. Research determines what problem actually needs to be solved and it is not a good idea to do it in the evenings. I am doing my research after I have done the writing. This process plays a crucial role in finding a big idea to write about.

You will be surprised how much you can accomplish when you dedicate your attention to your deep work first thing in the morning. 

Parkinson’s law

I want to tell you about 2 very important ways to increase your productivity.

Firstly, imagine you are starting to write a new topic and you have 8 hours for this job. Let’s say, the topic is doable in three hours. Parkinson’s law states that it will take 8 hours to accomplish the 3-hour task because work expands to fill the time available for the task. Do you recognize situations like that? I surely do.

Knowing that I strongly suggest you set deadlines. Force yourself to focus on the task, no matter what it is. It could be writing, researching, planning or any other task. Set deadlines for a shorter time every time and keep focus to accomplish the task. You will double and triple the productivity!

Secondly, When you start a new task, carry on until it is finished (if possible). It is scientifically proven that rescheduling task will slow down your end results up to 5 times.

Now Do It

Improve your productivity and start to apply Parkinson’s law straight away. It can only be done by taking action upon your knowledge. Don’t procrastinate, don’t make any excuses.

Train your focus

My wife is nutritionist and health coach and she often reminds me how important is to be healthy. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. Knowing that you need to take care of your health like never before. The food has a direct impact on the ability to focus and stay energic throughout the whole day.

My wife is a great cook and she is sticking to the Keto diet. She said Keto improves focus and clarity. If you want to read more about Keto impact on your health you can check her blog.Unleash your blogging potential

Additionally, doing daily workout will greatly help you to maintain good health and to achieve higher energy levels. I am working out 5 days per week. Every workout takes around 40 minutes and you know what science says about workouts? At the time you are working out, body release dopamine. The dopamine is feel-good hormone and it will greatly help you to concentrate and just feel happy.

Practice concentration every day. Instead of thinking and doing many things at the same time, force yourself to do one thing at the time. Start practicing this when seeing your partner or friends. The mind often wants to shift thinking for whatever reason, be aware of that and shift your energy back when it happens.

Be healthy, practice concentration and you will be sharp and focused like a jaguar.

Be selfish today to be selfless tomorrow

When I was younger (my high school years) I tried to like everybody. I agreed most of the time with everyone and tried to help everyone who asked me for help. Basically, I was scared of rejection and I wanted to maintain a good image in my friends’ eyes. But you know what? Some people didn’t like me anyway, no matter what I have done, they were negative towards me.

Steve Jobs said “If you want to make everybody happy, don’t be a leader. Sell ice cream

I am not saying that you don’t need to help people but put your plans first. It is ok to be selfish as long as you are moving forward with progress. Set your goals and keep steady on the track.

Also, I want to mention that many entrepreneurs don’t want to sacrifice time with family. I beg you to look to this from a different perspective. Imagine how your family life would be after you reached your goals? What are you prepared to do to get there? You don’t have to ignore your family but, instead, cooperate with your partner and support each other.

It doesn’t matter, if you are alone or have a family and kids (maybe you are a single parent?!) it will be difficult in the beginning. But you need to push yourself to keep writing at any time possible. One of the most successful women on the planet once was jobless, the lone parent, without hope and almost homeless. After lots of rejections, she finally published her book(Harry Poter!) and to this day she sold over 450 million copies. Meet JK Rowling pure example of willpower and commitment.

Trust yourself

People are seeking comfort. In other words, people are choosing convenience over truth. As a blogger you can’t do that, don’t walk the path of least resistance.

This path can mean copying other blogger posts or simply fabricating the information. Some bloggers might try to sound like someone else because they believe that will bring success but that’s not the case. I can tell you that this system is not working. If you want to stand out in the crowd, be unique. The right people will notice that. Your uniqueness will also help you to find your own voice.

Be confident in yourself, this has been said many times before and I want to highlight that again. It’s ok to be weird, don’t hide your inner qualities, instead, trust them. There are billions of people on the planet and you can certainly be assured that you will find your followers. It’s ok if you are not as smart as you’d like to be (yet!). Keep practicing writing every single day and you will get there.

Define your core values. You need to have your own moral code, what is important to you? What message do you want to deliver and what is the best way to deliver it?

Have a sense of accomplishment

Reward yourself for accomplishments. Set your milestones and celebrate when you cross the finish line. Some people are naturally good with motivating themselves but, if you are anything like me, you will need an extra kick (or boost) from time to time. If you are blogging already, you should know how important consistency and achieving your goals is.Unleash your blogging potential

The logic here is to create a habit which motivates you to do what you need to do.  Wondering what kind of rewards will inspire you most? Check this list.

For example, I love to have time together with my family and friends, so I organize a party.

What is stopping you?

Honestly, just do it, unleash your blogging potential. Don’t focus that much on your blogging strategy or planning. Instead, come up with something different, just like you. Don’t copy other people, instead, choose to write as yourself and you will meet the progress. Set your mindset to success.! How?

Organize your time wisely, be efficient.

Write and research while you are fully charged.

Choose to be healthy and improve your concentration and focus.

Be selfish, put yourself in the first place.

Trust yourself and find your voice.

Exercise and stay active and positive.

Improve these areas and you will be unstoppable in life and in blogging.