Hi, my reader. There is something powerful in what I am about to tell you. Your mindset has control over your success.

Your decisions and choices are predetermined by your experience (past), core beliefs, and the things you identify yourself with. And that creates limitations, fears, and so-called comfort zone. And every time when you want to do something new you will feel uncomfortable because your body “doesn’t feel like it”. It wants to come back to personal prison. The brain always is this way.

You must rewire your brain and take control of your life. 

Let’s dive deeper on how to fix bad thinking habits.

Your mind works on autopilot

96% of your decisions are subconscious. Your mind works on autopilot most of the time. Your brain develops a filter and separates information automatically. We ignore a lot of information because it is not compatible with our filter. That’s why many people don’t change, instead, they make bad decisions again and again. 

Take control of your mind

To change your life and achieve success, you need to take control of what you think. You can’t operate in “default” mode and expect your life to change. If you want to achieve more, better get your goals set, that will be the first step.

When you were a kid, your goals were inspiring you wanted to become an astronaut or a president, but then you grew up. And there was someone who told you, that your goals are unrealistic. You dropped those goals and then what?! Now you are 50 years old and where is your success? Where are those things you desired?

When you set your goal, visualize it and try to feel you already accomplished it.

Your brain does not know the difference between made-up feeling and reality.

Set it right and it will help you believe that you are the person you want to become. That is the whole point.

Act like the person you are intended to become. Ask yourself: what decision would you make when you already achieved your goal?

It will lead to many positive decisions and higher self-esteem. Put in your life self-discipline and consistency and that will be life changing.

Jim Carrey speaks freely about the beginning of his acting career. When he was broke, he drove to Mulholland Drive and using the law of attraction he visualized that he already lived there. Another great visualization he used, he signed 10 million dollar checks to himself to be cashed in five years and as we know he surpassed that goal. Thanks to the great power of visualization.

Setting goals still won’t be enough, to achieve those goals you need to take action on a daily basis. It’s not enough to work hard only on Thursday.  Be obsessed and do it constantly, every day counts. This separates winners from excuse makers.

Don’t overthink

Trust your instincts. If you reset your brain filter for success, it will send you a signal when you need to act. When it happens, just do it, don’t analyze and overthink, don’t make excuses. Trust Yourself.

You designed the mind to stay in the comfort zone, because of that, every time you go through hard times mind is looking for a backup. The truth is-you become a better character when it’s hard. If it’s easy you don’t grow, the chances are that you are not doing your best.

You need to want hard. NO fear

Mel Robbins found a perfect way to describe it. She invented the so-called 5-second rule. It sounds like that:  If you have the instinct to act, you must do it within 5 seconds, otherwise,  your mind will stop the idea. How to do it in real life?

It is simple, next time when you have the instinct to do something, count 5…4….3….2….1… and make a physical move. You can reprogram your mind this way. Try that yourself. Try to wake up one hour earlier than usual. When alarm starts don’t hit the snooze button, instead visualize the rocket launch and count 5…4…3…2…1… and jump out of bed. 

Henry Ford

was a great example of what following your gut instinct leads to. His company was struggling with falling demands for his cars and high worker turnover. In 1914, he more than doubled employees’ wages. Other businesses were looking at this move like a crazy one but it helped Ford to double productivity and the best mechanics applied to work for his company. Henry Ford achieved unimaginable success.

It is not only about big decisions, but you can also start with changing little things like enjoy choosing water instead of Coke, waking up 1 hour earlier, have an exercise, making that call, etc.



Present Moment Meditation

Negative thoughts never lead to a positive life. Pay attention when you switch to negative thinking. When that happens just stop thinking and go to the present moment. Problems don’t exist in the present moment. Because they always have a story behind them, and they need a concept of time to exist. Meditation is a great way to become calm, present and even positive. mindset and success

Many people who achieved success in their life start the morning with meditation. They know that it is very important to start your day positive. Morning has the power to impact the rest of the day to start it right. Positiveness has the power to transform your day. It doesn’t stop there, you will see the world in different “colors” and your world will change.

Even wildly successful CEOs are using meditation to start their day.

Try that yourself, don’t just listen, create a habit to start your day RIGHT.


Gratitude and Success

Be grateful for what you already have. Because gratitude will put you in a positive state of mind, it can’t exist together with negativity or hate. As an example, I want you to understand that people with a poor state of mind will never get wealthy because of their fears and limitations. Opposite to that gratitude will help you gain wealth.

If you feel fear do it, anyway.

You need to train your mind and body to do what has to be done to succeed. Every day you are facing a lot of small decisions, and you can make changes. No one is saying that this is easy, but it’s worth it. Consistency and self-discipline should be your best friends. Welcome them in your everyday life and you will achieve your goals easier than you think. 

Discipline or talent

People believe that successful people are talented. This is just an escape route from doing things. Truth is, talented people have a great amount of self-discipline and commitment to do the work. The wonderful thing about the human mind is that you can become great in every area you set your mind to. You just need to work for it. No one achieves greatness with little pressure and enduring. You need to welcome self-discipline and consistency in your life. 

Stop laziness and change your mindset!



I felt so drained while working night shifts at the factory. Because of that, I did not believe in myself and thought I am not good enough to look for a different job. I was afraid to take the first step out of my comfort zone. Push came when my wife told me, we are expecting an addition to our family. I realized that I want my son to see me successful, happy and motivate him to become just like me. Then I started a blog, and that changed my life.

Are you still waiting for your push?

Push Yourself Towards Success

mindset and successThe simple truth is if you want to be successful you need to push yourself. Push yourself towards your goals, push yourself out of your comfort zone! It won’t be enough only to push yourself once, have self-discipline and be consistent. Consistency separate winners from those who are not crossing the finish line. Ask yourself what would your life be like if you stop procrastinating?

What will it be like if you stop doubting yourself and your ideas? People mostly regret the things which they never have done.

Self improvement happens to you when you are courageous, brave, and act on your dreams.

You must believe in your dreams, success is not about money, it is about becoming a person of your dreams. It’s not happening overnight but you will get there, just start now.