When you choose a hosting platform for your website customer service is very important. When your site is down(Your site is your money) you need to resolve problems as quickly as possible. That is where SiteGround comes to the rescue.

I have selected the best hosting companies and SiteGround made it to the top. This is my view on them.

SiteGround hosts one of my websites and I have direct experience with them every day.  Let me tell you what I have noticed.




SiteGround to the rescue. Their exceptional customer service

In their hosting platform, you will find an FAQ section with a lot of relevant questions, they might interest you. Although, if you can not find an answer through resources straight away. you are welcome in customer live chat. Chat is live 24/7 which means all your issues will be heard and dealt with immediately and sorted ASAP.

Everybody encounter issues while working online. Trust me, you really want a light speed solution to your problems. Think about it, every minute your site is down, is costing you, potential customers, Don’t forget about Google, either. If your site will be “Under maintenance”, expect to lose your position in search rankings. That means you need to avoid downtime, as much as it is possible.

Maintain full control of your site

SiteGround provides you with a control panel, which satisfies not only average users but also developers. I can not dismiss a fact you will get ultimate control of your site which will not be matched elsewhere. 

Let’s look at the functionality of the cPanel:

  • Free website installer, whether it is on WordPress, Joomla, Magento or other CMS.
  • Free website migrator
  • Auto updates, staging and other tools
  • Free unlimited emails
  • Access all website files through FTP 
  • Full access to your website’s databases
  • Backup tools
  • Site security tools
  • Advanced tools
  • Many more

Many of hosting platforms provide far less flexibility on your hands. In my opinion, the control panel is exceptional. If you are just about to run your website, take this info into account:

All the best websites stand out with a specific design and structure.

To add some specific files and look different in the market, you probably will need to have access to your website back end. 

Faster loading times

With SiteGround you can expect the average 95% faster loading times than with other hosting platforms. They partner with Cloudflare to provide a free CDN. As a fact, SiteGround is using the latest hardware and software to boost your website speed and reliability. They also provide you with Supercatcher technology. If you planning to start your first website, I would recommend clearing cache constantly. just like you are clearing your browser cache to make it faster. There are more tools to make your website faster, such an SSD drives, latest PHP releases, Nginx, etc…

I can not really argue with those speed technologies. They set a benchmark for other hosting platforms.

SiteGround run servers in three continents, which are America, Europa, and Asia. It is up to you to choose which data center fits you better.

Three easy steps to get started



Choose the plan that suits you the best. From these shared hosting options, I would recommend GrowBig plan.

GrowBig gives all the features you might need at the beginning such as priority support, Supercacher, and backups. I use GrowBig myself and, to be honest, it is amazing stuff. 

SiteGround to the rescue



At step two choose the domain name, if you already have one write it down. Domain transfer is for free so nothing to worry about.

If you are just planning to launch your first website, please choose your domain name responsibly, it can’t be changed.

SiteGround to the rescue

The last step is to choose any additional extras. The plan includes all necessary tools in which means no need to add any extras. Set your period and you are good to go.

Tutorials and E-books

Struggling to solve an issue? Customer support is there to help you, but what if you want to educate yourself in relevant topics? You can do it through their tutorials and they are for free. 

You can have free ebooks, in case you want to learn more about E-commerce or WordPress.

Other hosting platforms call this “training” and charge you more per month.

The tutorials are very detailed and comprehensive even about most advanced topics.   

To earn more, you must learn more

My SiteGround hosting review 


  • Free SSL
  • cPanel
  • Daily backups
  • Free emails
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Free CDN
  • Award-winning  Customer support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Fast speed
  • Website migration services
  • SuperCacher 
  • 4 Data centers on the world
  • Well organized
  • Easy to navigate and find relevant things
  • Easy to build websites
  • The full specter of hosting: shared, cloud and dedicated servers
  • Free tutorials and e-books
  • Ability to buy and register domains 

Any cons?

  • None at this price

Overall SiteGround performs well. They have established a hosting platform in 2004 and they’re improving ever since. 


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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is SiteGround?

  2. Is phone support available?

  3. Do you offer a free trial

  4. Is SiteGround best for WordPress?

  5. Can I pick a data center?

  6. Can I open E-shop?

  7. Is free website security provided?

  8. Can I transfer my current domain?

  9. What are the dedicated servers?

  10. How much does SiteGround hosting cost?

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround is a website hosting provider for over 1 800 000 domains. It’s founded in 2004 in Bulgaria. If you are just about to start your first blog or running a large enterprise, no worries,  it covers you.  You can choose a plan that fits you best starting from shared hosting, following dedicated servers.

Is phone support available?
The most common way to contact support is via live chat and email, but sometimes, if it is more convenient, just phone them up. The phone line is also working 24/7. 
Do you offer a free trial?

There is no option to start a free trial on SiteGround, but they offer 30 days money-back guarantee which means there is no risk involved,


Is SiteGround best for WordPress?

I can say this with certainty, SiteGround really outperforms others at the price but don’t just take my words for it, Google SiteGround hosting reviews.

I would suggest checking out Wp Engine for big websites, but for smaller websites, SiteGround does it all with lower costs.

Can I pick a data center?

Yes, you will be asked to choose the data center which suits you the best. For faster loading times choose the one is nearest to your customers. Also, do it carefully, because they will charge for additional change to your data center.

Can I open E-shop?

SiteGround offers many options and plugins creating a great eCommerce store. IF eCommerce is your main target, you can choose a specific eCommerce plan. Looking for information on how to set your store? You can find everything in their tutorials, step by step. If you still feel you don’t want to set it yourself, reach out to their customer support and they will do it for you. I said earlier, customer support really rocks.

Is free website security provided?

Choose any plan you like, it will provide free SSL either way. SiteGround makes things easier for you. Therefore, all you need to do is just activate your SSL. Forget about additional hidden fees to keep the security of your site on.

Can I transfer my current domain?

Yes, You can transfer your domain. All you need to do is to log in to your SiteGround account, go to cPanel and press “domain transfer”. After that just follow their instructions. Next step will be to transfer website. You can either do it automatically(works only with WordPress) or manually. If you need any advice or guidance, drop the comment and I will answer questions.

What are the dedicated servers?

Dedicated servers simple means that the server will work only for you. You can manage the computer(hosting server) and adjust the best settings privately. Website performance will skyrocket with a dedicated server. Therefore, it is cost effective only for established websites with large traffic. No need to pay extra if your site is not generating large traffic yet.

How many does SiteGround hosting cost

Your plan can vary from $3-$600 per month. If your site is not generating huge traffic GrowBig plan would be your best friend. It includes all the tools and also it is a smart choice for bloggers.

Besides, that costs only $6.45 per month and it has the potential to change your life for good. 




Looking for a reliable and superb hosting platform? SiteGround ticks all the boxes. WordPress recommends them for a reason. No matter what stage is your website, you can find a relevant plan which will fit your needs. I have researched many hosting platforms to find the one that would suit me the best. SiteGround caught my attention with their list of features and because of that, I have presented you with my SiteGround hosting review.

I am someone who likes to be in full control of my site because I have experience with poorly organized platforms. When you don’t have proper access to the control panel, you will struggle to accomplish simple tasks, enjoy adding new themes, customize files, backups, etc…

Are you looking to build a successful business online? Choose your hosting wisely, it plays a big role in your website’s life.