Are you looking for real ways to make money from home? Nowadays the internet is full of cheap promises on how to get rich quick. To get rich is possible, but it is not a fast track. I want to show you only legit ways you can earn money in the comfort of your own home.
See which of those will be a good fit for you


21 real ways to make money online


Make Money Blogging

real ways to make money from homeRome wasn’t built in a day, and to create a successful blog it takes a great amount of time. BUT if you create your content constantly, you will drive traffic to your blog. Therefore, you can monetize it with affiliate marketing or ads.

Great bloggers constantly make lots of money.  The top blogs that make 7 digit figures are:

  1. HuffPost is Legend in the blogging industry 14miilion/month 
  2. Engadget Electronics review/news expert 5mil/month
  3. MOZ SEO experts 3mil/month
  4. TechCrunch technology experts 2.5mil/month
  5. Mashable news 2mil/month 

These blogs are a great example of dedication and consistency. They started from scratch and created a real scalable business.

Read more about blogging 


Learn About Affiliate Marketing

real ways to make money from homeAffiliate marketing means promoting someone else’s products and receiving commissions for your effort. Thousands of companies offer affiliate opportunities. So, how does it work?

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Create a content
  3. Get the affiliate links and insert them in your content

Content is king, and that is the key to a successful affiliate marketing. People buy because they want to solve their problems, great affiliate marketers know that and offer helpful content. 

Once you found your niche, you need to think about your strategy. I mean, decide where you would like to communicate with your audience. Some of your options are

  • Find a hosting company and create a website
  • Create promotional posts through social media channels
  • Create sales funnels
  • Record video in YouTube

The affiliate market is huge. You are getting paid based on your performance and if you are serious about it, your opportunities are unlimited. Read more about affiliate marketing


Build eCommerce Store

real ways to make money from homeeCommerce is basically an internet shop.  Use it and break geographical barriers and wide up the spectrum of your potential costumers. Important, the costs of maintaining eCommerce are much lower than in maintaining the conventional store.

80% of the population has made purchases online. Buying online saves the customer time. eCommerce has big potential. It would be perfect for small business because it has a cost-effective approach. eCommerce also should increase the reach of customers and is more convenient. 

If you are just about to start, check Wix eCommerce builder. It is a beautiful E-store builder. Just drag-and-drop items to create an amazing layout for your store. 

People often buy with their eyes, not with their mind so WIX stands out of the competition.


Dropshipping, smart way to sell.

real ways to make money from homeTo sell online, you don’t have to own a store or buy the thing you want to sell. Dropshipping means you are selling and shipping a product from a third party company and afterward, the product is being delivered directly to your costumer.

Amazon has a huge market of third-party sellers, look at the Amazon product list. The key point here is to secure a supplier with the best price or finding a unique product.

Think about your marketing strategy. Create an irresistible offer, even better, create a bundle. People love to receive more value than expected.

Pay attention to your site design. You want them to feel good when browsing your offers so design your website with a good style. Be professional, don’t just pretend to look like the one.

Freelance Jobs From Home

real ways to make money from homeFreelancing jobs are not as easy as you might think. You need to be prepared for upcoming challenges. Just remember, “Preparation meets success”

You probably think freelancers can manage their time as they like, but that is not exactly true. As with any new business you have to work hard in the beginning.

No company will partner with a newbie freelancer. You need to look like an expert, even in the beginning of your career. That can be achieved by designing a nice portfolio website with your projects displayed, they can be just your samples or ideas. 

You will face difficulties, be persistent and you will reach your business goals.

Do more with your language skills

real ways to make money from homeIf you are multilingual, you can use your skill and earn money translating books and documents. Thanks to the internet, you have possibilities of completing your translation jobs from your home. There are different companies that handle translation services. the biggest are:


Copywriting from the comfort of home

real ways to make money from homeCopywriting is a high-income skill. If you can write content that converts to sales prepare to be always on demand.

There are many ways how to land clients, you can find a job at LinkedIn or use the biggest freelance platforms like Freelancer and Upwork to get the clients.  And many, many more opportunities. Don’t forget to grab the best grammar checker in the world.


ProofReading content

real ways to make money from homeYes, you actually will get paid for checking and editing other people work.

To accomplish this task, you must be good at detecting errors in the text. Content writers use proofreading service to double check and fix their work.

Just like for copywriters and can help you get started.

Sell your skill set from home

real ways to make money from homeYou need not know everything. It could be just one thing like writing articles, web design, web development, logo design, data entry, a marketing agency, etc…

Over 3 billion people use the internet and that opens opportunities almost in every niche. 

Make real  money with survey websites

real ways to make money from homeTaking part in surveys don’t require skill, and this is one way to make money fast.  It won’t make as much money as freelancing, however, surveys can make you around $10/hour.

Looking to join trusted survey sites? I recommend starting with Survey Club or Survey Junkie.


Making money with podcasts

real ways to make money from homePodcasting is not the shortcut or sprint. It takes a great amount of time and commitment to make it happen but rewards are not just the money. You will meet new people and build new relationships, it is more about having a good time. 

Looking out for how to start your podcast? Check this guide.

Be an SEO consultant for businesses

real ways to make money from homeCompanies spend lots of money on ads and advertisement. Because of that, ads on Google and social networks are expensive. If you can optimize your client site for Google SEO, you can save them a bunch of money on advertising because the fact is: organic traffic is 5.6 times better than paid traffic.


Help companies to manage their social media

real ways to make money from homeSocial media plays a major rule in companies marketing. Good social media campaign might bring many quality leads and nice profits. 

Average social media manager salary is $50000 per annum.


Test websites on demand

real ways to make money from homeCompanies are looking for people who can give an opinion about their sites. In website testing, you can make $10 in around 10-15 min. Your job is to answer a few questions while browsing your client’s site. To do testing, you need two things, which are good English and the basic understanding of an engaging website.

To test go to trusted sites like Enroll or Testing Time.


Life coaching and mentoring

real ways to make money from homeIf you are someone who likes to help people improve their lives and achieve goals, consider learning about life coaching and mentoring. This powerful skill will open a wide online business niche. As a bonus, you will grow as a person.

If you think life coaching can only happen “face to face”, think again. The Internet is there to help you, You can find amazing ‘life coaching’ training programs and get qualified online. That would be step 1.

Step 2 is: open portfolio website, create great content and be active on social media. 

As a life coach, you can offer private coaching and  group life coaching, 


Create articles for your clients

real ways to make money from homeDo you like to write? Did you know, companies and bloggers need freelancers who can create content for them. As a bonus freelance writing is very flexible because you can write in your spare time if you like. 

In the beginning, write a few samples to show your writing style to your potential customers.

Great way to find writing jobs is to follow tweets from job boards. You should follow these job boards on twitter, that way you will be informed about new job positions: 

  • @FreelanceWJ
  • @write_jobs
  • @WhoPaysWriters


Create and sell online courses

real ways to make money from home Are you an expert in your field or want to become one?

Course creation has been proven to be a great way to make 5-6 figures. Don’t be selfish, share your knowledge and make money.

Cooking a course? Here are my tips:

  • Find a great idea and define it will solve what problem
  • Research to find out if it interests people in your idea
  • Create content, it need not be perfect, it needs to work
  • Ask your friends to review your course. Testing is important
  • Launch your course 


Write your own eBook

real ways to make money from homeBook publishing used to be a complex campaign. However, thanks to the internet and Amazon, everyone can self-publish in a matter of minutes. Your eBook can reach the entire world within 24 to 48 hours of publishing. 

If you have an idea for the book, do not hesitate. It might scare you to write but don’t let fear stop you. All greatest writers have started by conquering their fears.



Sales Funnels

real ways to make money from homeThere are secret reasons some companies are selling better than others even in the most competitive markets. Want to leverage your market place with a unique selling advantage system and skyrocket your sales? Use sales funnels.

You don’t have a company? Good, enter Amazon and buy the products you like and resell. Want to read more about sales funnels see my post. 


real ways to make money from homeEmail marketing 

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online business. Emails are still a very effective way of communication yet with high conversion rates. 

With the help of emails, you can make your message more personal therefore that will help to build a relationship with your customers. Better relationships will lead to more sales.

How do you get your email list?

Create engaging content and offer it to your readers for an email address. That can be done easily through funnels or your website. To conclude, not every piece of content will work as a “hook” you need to test and trial until content is just right and works. 


Start your own YouTube channel

real ways to make money from homeThere is no need to define what is YouTube because it is the second biggest website in the world, just next to Facebook. Particularly for videos, there is no better place on earth.

If you will start your own YouTube channel, I suggest following your passion, when selecting a topic. YouTube is the long-term journey so commit to being consistent. The start in your zone of fire. As a result, people will love you, no one like to watch a boring piece of work.



All the ways mentioned above are legit. The Internet is full of scammers and full of fake promises, be careful when deciding what is best for you.

BUT, the internet gives an opportunity for all people to achieve their dreams. The Internet doesn’t discriminate. If you really want it, just do it. No one will stop you from making money online but you. All you need to do is decide what is right for you. 

If you are serious about your digital future create your own website (you will thank me for this later). The website is your brand, your source of content, and your money-making machine. 

Equipped with all this knowledge, what would you do next?