Today I want to speak about an important, yet ignored aspect of your life. People often go with the flow, they take life for granted and don’t execute. Do you want to get better? You must know how to take ownership of your life. take ownership over your life

Your mind is designed to avoid stressful situations. As a result, you love to make excuses every time the situation is getting out of your control. It scares your EGO to fail; it is trying to convince you that you can not make it. EGO wants you to back up, to take an easy way out. 

Does that sound familiar?

Do Not Listen to Your Quitter Intuition

Your mind and body are designed to take an easy way. For instance, every time you are trying to step into the unknown, your mind is telling that you need a rest. It will whisper that you are not ready and it’s better not to do it.

To take ownership of your life, you need to be brave. That means you need to face the unknown. Self-development is not quick and easy, therefore if you will step into the unknown, you will find your potential. Do not listen to your negative voice in your head.

You must get ownership over your EGO because otherwise, you will go the easy way all the time. But the problem is there is no potential in an easy way because easy way leads to the comfort zone. I can tell you that nothing “grows” in the comfort zone.

Nothing great was ever achieved without much enduring.

You need to want hard because it is a work to maintain control over your mind and actions.

Funny, I have just watched the “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” animation movie and I have noticed a powerful message. Can not agree more with it. The movie says ” You must take the leap of faith” 


Face Your Fears

What are you doing where you fear something? You are facing it because running away will strengthen your fear. For example, what do you do when you don’t want to make a call?

You make a call. 

How to take action when you fear failing?

Do it anyway, fail and get better.

The fear is not real; it is only in your mind. Fear is just a protection mechanism what EGO loves to used to keep you comfortable.

You need to be brave and take the step because there are no limits on what is possible to you when you remove fear from your thinking. The only limits on life there are the ones you make.

Successful people have a habit of not hesitating.  They follow their beliefs and instincts because they trust themselves.

You can conquer your fears, just make a move. The things are folding just right when you are taking action. Do not get fooled by overthinking the situation, because that is what your mind wants.

Have a great amount of discipline

Are you having difficulties to stick to your plan? There is no better way to follow your goals than having self-discipline. Discipline will help you make the right step. Because, with discipline, comes the ability to do what is necessary, difficult.

You need to work not when you feel like it, but when is necessary to work. No matter how good you are, if you are working only when you feel like, you not gonna make it.

Start with waking up early.

Working in the morning has been proven to be more productive than working in late evenings. 

Getting better is not an easy way, there are no shortcuts, but you can make it if you have self-discipline. 

You won’t find your greatness by following formulas provided by fake gurus (who know the steps), because greatness is hard work. It is a constant self-discipline and perseverance. It is about reinventing yourself, not just changing one or ten things.

Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is your enemy, do not fall into its trap. 

“I have no training.”

“That is too hard.”

“I have tried everything.” 

“Tomorrow I will definitely do it

“I have always been this way.”

Does any of these excuses seem familiar to you? Cut them all out because they are just excuses. Either way, you are making progress or making excuses. You can not do both.

Stop laziness because you must, excuses will not get you anywhere. Many people rely on excuses and waste their life achieving nothing. Excuses are nothing but lies. Do not listen to them.

Do you think you don’t have enough time? Remember, everyone has 24 hours a day including B. Gate and W.Buffet and other successful people.

Take ownership of your time

take ownership of your life

Are you working 9-5? That’s OK, you can additionally work in the evenings on achieving your goals. As a result, you will retire early.

Someone said, If you research for 1 hour every day for 5 consecutive years you will be a national expert in 5 years and I totally agree with that. So, stop playing video games, stop wasting your time on Netflix. Start research and you will create a better future.


Have a Vision

What is your biggest motivation?

What makes you jump out of bed every morning?

For me, it is a vision of my future.

When you have a vision, every day counts because you are getting closer to your goals. Your goals lead you towards ultimate fulfillment.

Vision helps you to make the right decisions and helps to plan what not to do. Vision will take you to a better version of yourself and life has no higher purpose than that.

How to find your vision? You must look into yourself, no one else can do that. With this in mind, answer truthfully to yourself, 

what is your life’s vision, what are you passionate about?


Create a new belief system

Sometimes people are doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results. That is happening because they following false beliefs, which are coming from the past. To change your situation, you must change your beliefs. To create a new belief system means to trust yourself. That also means getting rid of self-doubt and start truly believe in your capabilities.

Self-development starts with believing in yourself.

Negative beliefs give you nothing but negative emotions and suffering. And the worst part is, those negative beliefs create a filter in your brain. That means that during the day your brain is focusing on all negative around you and cut out the positive. No one should live this way!


 Take ownership of your life today

Don’t look at the day like it is unsequential. Don’t wait for an external force to get you started. I apologize for the bad news, but no one will come and help you sort your life out. The problem is you only get motivated to do those things which are easy. If you want to change your life you need to act out of comfort zone and do what is hard.

Every second of your life counts. Push yourself to the breaking point and then push more. How do you push yourself? Be brave, take a step and believe that you can handle everything. You might fail in the beginning, but do not give up. Instead, step again and you will be successful. This is how to take ownership of your life.


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