Do you want to learn how to build a web empire? Let me be your guide, let me show you simple ways to achieve your goals. I know for sure, if I could get this information when I started my journey, it would save me a lot of time and money.

 I was a full-time London UBER driver. Believe me, it was a challenge to support my family and pay all our bills. I felt like they captured me in the race to the bottom. Things were terrible, and I felt forced to look for another way to make money. 

My online journey

started through trial and error. It has sucked me into multiple get-rich-quick and pyramid schemes. That happens to the best of us because It is so tempting to believe in easy money. There is no miracle cure, work for things you want. But there are people who are making money by selling hopes and wrapping their offers in sweet lies.

I had to learn it a hard way but you don’t have to. I created this post with you in my mind. You don’t have to make the same mistakes I made, all you need to do is willing to change your life today. Use this step-by-step guide and create a life you were always meant to enjoy.  This is a guide I was looking for but could not find.

I discovered a system that converted thousands of broken folks into millionaires.

It is a proven way to make money online.


A legitimate way to build a web empire

If you will look around, you will find a few options on how to generate money online. They could be surveys, free risk betting,website reviews, article writing, and more but there is a problem with these. They are not scalable and not sustainable in the long term. 

Instead, you want your own intellectual property which unlocks these options:

  • grow it at your pace
  • scale
  • brand
  • network
  • business
  • unlimited opportunities

That is exactly what your own website offers to you. You are in full control over it and can grow it as your business at your pace. 

Making money online is simple. I can show you how it can be done step by step, but that won’t be enough. To make it happen, you will need to work it. 

The question is, are you ready to take your income to the next level?

What do you need to do to get started?


Have a plan

Before building your own website you need to have a plan. Let’s look deeper:

Tell me, what are you interested in?

Which niche are you passionate about?

What are your life goals?

What makes you happy?

Answer these questions honestly. They should give some clarity on what you really like. Depending on your interests and knowledge identify what niche looks appealing to you.

“Your work will fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. ” – Steve Jobs

Sometimes it might feel that you haven’t discovered your passion yet. If that is the case use your interests. For example, music, movies, reading, food, etc. start with your interests and they can become a passion. If you still feel like there is nothing you can write about, that is only because you don’t want to take responsibility for your life. But there is no one there to change your life for you! Make the first step.



Set up your Own Website 

Now you have a plan. What happens next?

The next step will be the creation of your website. Don’t worry it is easy and everyone can do it (you don’t have to be a tech-oriented person).

Your website is your intellectual property. You need to store it on the server because it has an actual size (thanks to all the information you will post there).

This is where website hosting companies come in and save your day. They help you create a website and store it on their servers. They also are responsible for the maintenance and security of your website. Hosting companies have customer support teams who answer any question.

From my experience, there is no better hosting than SiteGround (I and my wife use them). They offer all the tools you might need and more. If you want to read more about SiteGround check my post.

Go to SiteGround.


Web Hosting


To open account choose WEB hosting. It should look like this:


How to build a web empire

WEB Hosting is perfect for small websites. As you grow your website, you might consider an upgrade to cloud hosting, which means bigger and faster server for your site. If you want to open an online store, you might consider WooCommerce. But that’s for much later.

Next step is to choose your plan.


You can choose between StartUp and GrowBig. The main difference is in data allowance.  Both are amazing plans representing great value for the price.

If you think you might open the second website later, choose GrowBig, otherwise, StartUp will do the job.

Next step is your new domain registration.

How to build a web empire

Your domain is your brand, your empire and you won’t be able to change it later. For that reason take your time and decide carefully what name you want to live with. Of all domain extensions offered I recommend choosing -com- because almost every authority site use it successfully. 

After a domain name is selected, go to registration and set up your account.

How to build a web empire




Congratulations, you are all set, and your online journey can begin now. You should be able to see the menu.

At this stage, I suggest going to support and search tutorials on these topics

  • Understand cPanel
  • How to login to the website
  • WordPress tutorial

I strongly suggest reading those topics, especially WordPress tutorial. Because that knowledge will help you to understand and navigate your website easier and better. There is nothing complicated, just get to see a bigger picture.

If you have questions open a live chat and just ask support. 

Login into your website


This is your website’s back end and here you can edit and change all information related to your website. WordPress tutorial in SiteGround should explain all the basics you need to know but let’s go further.


Next thing is to optimize your site for SEO( search engine) and for speed. You can get it done by uploading plugins (this is all for free by the way). 

The most important plugins you need are:

  • Yoast 

The best plugin for SEO and absolutely “must-have”. You will get a ton of useful tools on how to optimize your content for search engines. therefore, increase traffic to your website. More traffic equals more revenue.

  • Image optimizer

It is important to reduce image size for faster loading times

  • Elementor

This is the best free design plugin. Make your site look fantastic.

  • SUMO

Will help you collect emails and to share posts on social platforms.

Next step will be to open Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. This is easy, for free, and useful. All the information is freely available, just use it. These Google tools are essential and will provide all the statistics you need for your website.

At this point, your website is fully functional and optimized. You are good for content creation.

Content creation

I can assure you when I created content, I could sit in front of the computer for an hour and stare at the blank page.

I know, that sucks…

No kidding, I rarely had an inspiration to write, for that reason I implemented a system. 

You can improve your writing Fast if you follow these rules:

  • Create a plan for a month in advance
  • Read every day
  • Gather information
  • Brainstorm your everyday ideas on the notebook
  • Try to connect dots (ideas)
  • Practice every day

When I follow those rules, content flows freely every day. I can cook one piece of good copy per day and it builds upon skill set. My writing skills are decent and I am improving them with every copy I create.

Essentially, you need to read more, that will help you write better!

The more you write, the easier it gets. Don’t hesitate to write what is on your mind because your content doesn’t have to be perfect every time. Although, you never know which of your posts will go viral because the market decides that, it is not based on logic. Often the silly staff hits a big league and make six figures. 

The key is to try to write all the ideas.

Many writers at the beginning want to create high-value content and overthink their ideas. As a result, they create a blank page.

Don’t overthink…

Do the research and find ideas which work for others.

For example,

if you see a pin in Pinterest which is popular, you can take inspiration from that idea. Use your unique voice and tell your story. This method will always work because you create highly popular content. 

When you write, imagine that there is a person who will read your story. Write to that person as if you are talking to him face to face. Don’t write in a very smart manner because all professional writers suggest speaking simply. At the same time, the best articles are written with an eye to detail.  Siple is a genius.

Customer Persona

Know your reader and his needs. When you create content for everyone, it reaches no one. That is why being specific will help you create the content of higher value. 

Pay attention to your paragraph structure. Don’t just write long paragraphs because that is boring. Keep them short and find relevant images for your post. You want your content to be sticky and engaging an attractive post presentation will make that happen.

Make sure you are using a grammar checking tool. Good grammar increases readability. From all grammar programs, Grammarly has proven to be the best one.

Get Grammarly for free.

To sum up, your posts are written not for you but for your reader. You need to make your reader feel important. Make sure the reader can answer the question:

“What is in there for me”

Monetize your website

What happens next?

You have a website, and you post often.

You might ask: “Where is the money?”

There are many ways to monetize website but at the beginning, the smartest way is affiliate marketing.

Another simple and easy option is to post ads in the form of banners or AdSense but I don’t recommend this at the beginning. In order to create a significant income from ads, you need at least 10 000 visitors because pay per click return is low. To achieve this kind of traffic, you need time and patience, that is why affiliate marketing is a more appropriate way to earn money.

Besides these options, there are more ways to generate revenue from your website but they take more time to be launched and “cooked”.

For example:

  • E-book
  • Courses
  • Couching and Mentoring
  • eCommerce
  • Influencing
  • Create your own niche digital product

Ignore these options at the beginning. Focus on your website content and affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Monetization

Do you shop on Amazon or eBay? 

Did you know that they pay commissions to everyone who gets customers to their shop? This affiliate marketing is about, you promote someone else’s products and get a commission in reward.

Why affiliate marketing is good for your business?

  • 81% of online brands offer affiliate programs
  • Companies are increasing their budget for affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing grows robust 10% per year 

affiliate marketing data


Source: eMarketer

You can contribute to affiliate marketing today.

Follow these steps:

  • Find your ideal affiliate product through Google
  • Register with that company
  • Copy your affiliate link
  • Paste it in your website
  • When someone clicks and buy from your link, you get a commission


With this in mind, as long as you do the work and follow the steps above you will create a passive income. Average websites earn money within 3-6 month, so do not panic if you don’t generate revenue in the first month.

The thing to remember is, Google is predictable as it classifies websites through its own algorithms, and as long as you follow them your website will rank. When it ranks, traffic will come.

Let’s sum up:

  1. Create a website
  2. Install plugins
  3. Write a content
  4. Optimize content with Yoast
  5. Monetize with affiliate marketing

96% of websites use affiliate marketing as a source of income so you can be confident that you are on the right path.

To generate affiliate sales, you need to have helpful content. If your content can help your reader to eliminate doubts and objections about the product, your conversions will increase.

 You need to help to improve your customer’s life, that’s the primary cause why they buy. Writing a review is a perfect way to achieve that.


You buy music speakers from Amazon. You set them up at home and they sound amazing. Bass is tight and authoritative while highs are spacious and airy with a large soundstage. You love them very much.

You write a blog post to express how thrilled you are with them.  

People come to your blog because they want to find out how good those speakers are and find your review helpful. Speaker shop enjoys your review and gives you an affiliate link.

Customers follow your link to the online shop and buy speakers. Shop gets their sale and you get your commission for your referrals. The End

This is the basics of affiliate marketing, to learn more go to this post. 


What income affiliate marketers earn?

Because income strongly relates to your performance, I can’t give you the promises and numbers. Those who do that, lie because people want to hear big promises and they create those false claims.

If you follow the steps above, you will build massive success.

affiliate income

Would you be satisfied with an average income made by other affiliate marketers? You can double check the information above in this link.

Are you looking to replace 9-5 to “work from home” job?

This might be your chance. If you do it right, opportunities and potential are endless.


Promote your business

Just like in every business, you need to spread the word to others about your website. Especially at the beginning, when organic traffic from search engines is not kicking off yet. You need to promote yourself to speed up the things.

Google search engine expect you to reach out to your friends in social media and you should. To rank higher in Google, you need to share your website links all over social platforms. All shares and likes will mean to Google that your content is valuable, and that is what you want. As a bonus, if you wrote a decent post, it can go viral.

At 2019 there are over 3 billion of social media users. That probably explains why sharing your content is necessary.


social media stats 2019
Source: we are social


Share your posts not only on social media but on forums. Don’t underestimate the power of Reddit and Quora, for example. They can send thousands of users every day if you are providing content they like. Share your ideas with their communities, that alone will grow your business.

The sky is your limit

I wish we had more time together because there is more to look into. It might not make total sense to you yet but do it and it will work out. The system is easy to follow.


Are you ready and committed to building your web empire? Remember, even Amazon, Apple, and other giants started from scratch.

Digital marketing is exploding from year to year, therefore providing opportunities for people who enter this market. 

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expect different results.

Do you want different results?

Do something you never have done before! 3% of the population become rich because they are doing things differently. 

Here you have actionable content that can transform your life.

It’s easy as long as you do the steps.

There are zero risks.  SiteGround offers 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Are you courageous enough to take a step towards your financial confidence?

The rule in life is simple: you always will be paid by your contribution to the world. The more value you offer, the better life you will have.


Need help choosing your niche? check my other post.

Have questions? Drop the comment.