Are you looking to pay as little as possible for reliable hosting service? I have made this Hostinger site hosting review to check if low price means low quality. 

Founded in 2004, Hostinger is managing now over 29 million accounts. Over 15 000 new people sign up every other day. It is no brainer- it is popular and attractive.

Website is hosted permanently by Hostinger. That allows me to write this review with total confidence. Am I satisfied with my choice? I guess it is time to find out.

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Pros and Cons


  • Above average uptime, 99.9%
  • Fast loading speed 0.38sec
  • CloudFlare
  • Free domain transfer
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Website builder
  • Easy to use
  • Fully Loaded Control Panel
  • SSL
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Available more domain extensions than standard
  • Cheaper than average
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Tutorials


  • Using marketing tricks which are not cool. For example, the price given is for 4 years of membership. Who is taking hosting for 4years? But other hosting companies also are using the same strategy so can’t blame.
  • Chat available only after login

Customer Support

I had a situation where I have transferred my domain to Hostinger and next step was to install the website. So, I have launched a website install. Therefore, I wanted to check some files in the website database and accidentally deleted PHP file. At that point, my website went down because the file appeared to be important. I don’t have good technical skills on the website back end I was afraid that I totally messed up.

I went straight to customer support live chat and reached out with my problem. Yes, it took around 5 minutes waiting for an advisor but it was worth it. Customer support was helpful and recovered my deleted file, and that was a real relief for me.

My impression after speaking to them is positive. These guys are probably not the best storytellers but they understand things we, as users, don’t. They fascinated me with their technical level of problem-solving. They did difficult tasks in a matter of minutes.

Hostinger Reliability and Speed 

Tests have shown great overall results in the year 2018 of server uptime. You should expect an average of 99.90% or above of constant uptime. This is a superb score because the industry average is only 99.50%. This shows that despite the low price tag Hostinger is a reliable hosting service.

This hosting service has servers in the USA, Europe, and Asia to ensure faster data loading times. Hostinger connects servers network to a 100 Mbps connection, which improves stability and high performance.

Loading times vary depending on the size of your website and my average testing times varied between 400ms and 700ms. In fact, that is faster than the average of  809ms.

Free Website Builder

My first website hosting company was Wealthy Affiliate. It was tough to design a nice-looking website with them because they did not provide with any kind of website builder. As a result, in the beginning, my site did not look as attractive as it should be. 

Nowadays an attractive site with amazing landing page converts much more leads or sales compared to the average-looking website. Your chance to keep customer also increases. Pay attention to this when starting your own website.

Free themes are not providing you with design and tools to make your site amazing, so I won’t recommend them. In contrast, premium themes can do the trick. You can get the amazing premium theme as DIVI, for example, or get the Hostinger and use their website builder.

Hostinger site hosting review


Find your perfect template and choose it. Drag and drop buttons, bars, shopping carts, social networks, galleries or whatever you want. It is a handy tool and saves tons of time.

It is not as good as an Elegant themes builder but for the price, you pay it is nice.

The website builder has flaws. The problem with it is, you can not use it if your website is on WordPress CMS.


Hostinger banner



Time to time problems happens. Especially if you are just starting. Don’t get frustrated, instead use their tutorials to connect the dots. I am not a technician but I know the basics of coding, FTP access, CSS and more. 

Hostinger site hosting review

Hostinger answers thousands of your potential question within their tutorial section. They also cover technically advanced topics like PHP frameworks, MY SQL and so on.

You don’t have to learn all the specific things but it’s nice when you have the option to choose whether or not you need it. Their tutorials look like a real deal.


Clean Control Panel

Hostinger has a well-constructed control panel (in my opinion). There are plenty of features for basic users and also tools for developers. 

Control panel

This control panel is easy to use and navigate. All icons look clean and organized in a good fashion. 

If you are a beginner, you don’t really need to understand all the advanced stuff. You will need these things:

  • Managing emails
  •  Operate domains
  • Website builder
  • Managing your files
  • Cleaning cache
  • Setting your SSL
  • Managing backups

These are options you really need to maintain your website. Got a bigger problem? Just contact their customer support.


Hostinger Site Hosting  Prices

The Hostinger prices are cheaper than elsewhere. These are the shared hosting options:

Hostinger prices


Hostinger site hosting review


Any of these plans will fit if you are running small to medium website.

For example, I am using a business plan because of the great value it offers (additional free SSL and daily backups). SSL is important for your site security and SEO. It’s been said that Google ranks higher secure websites. 

Sometimes websites go down because of some technical issues. Daily backups can save you a lot of time in that scenario. 

They calculate these prices with a 90% discount. That means that the renewal price will be higher.

Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting

If you deal with high traffic on your website, shared hosting is not suitable. You need more predictable speed and cloud or VPS hosting will deliver that. 

VPS Servers

Hostinger site hosting review

VPS option offers

  • CPU range 1-8Cores
  • RAM range 1-8MB
  • Storage 20-160GB
  • Bandwidth 1000-8000GB

To find out which option works better for you, speak to their customer service. 

Cloud Hosting

Hostinger site hosting review

Cloud hosting is like dedicated servers. You will have your own IP address with plenty of specs to play with. All Cloud hosting plans will come with unlimited bandwidth.

The difference between plans is in speed and storage. Other than that, specs are the same for all plans.

For example:

  • Free SSL
  • Isolated resources
  • Free domain registration
  • Cache manager
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Daily backups
  • Control panel
  • Access Manager
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple PHP versions


Easy to use

Hostinger built an easy-to-use interface. Almost everything is stored in one place and you need not waste your time looking around. This is important because I can spend more time working on my website. 

Control panel is also transparent and clean. It is not lacking features. 

A wide range of domain extensions is available. Some other hosting companies allow using fewer extensions. 

Hosting platform need not be complex.



This Hostinger site hosting review was based on my personal experience. At this price tag, Hostinger outperforms others with speed, reliability, and simplicity. It is worth every cent.

Above all, it covers you with 30 days no questions asked return policy.

Uptime and speed are much better than you would expect (at this price). 

If you are looking for more in-depth help and tutorials, SiteGround could be a better choice for you. When things are going sideways, Hostinger will guide you through “how to fix it”, bet SiteGround will take care of it and fix it for you. 

Don’t get me wrong, Hostinger, by all means, will fix your problem when necessary but SiteGround will fix it even when it’s not.

I personally host this website on Hostinger because those features totally satisfy my needs.