Hi, recently I came across something fresh and creative. They call it ClickFunnels, invented by Russel Brunson. I will be as honest as possible: This system just blew me away. That is not something I say easily, and I will defend this statement and argument my decision. Stay here and, I promise, I will answer what is ClickFunnels.

What is a Funnel

You might wonder what is a funnel? Since funnels are a relatively new concept in marketing, that would be no surprise. Sales funnel is a multi-step process that moves everyday internet browsers into buyers. The movement starts with an awareness of product/service and it ends when the prospect takes action and complete your offer.

In simple words, when you open Amazon, you enter sales funnel, then you browse products and find the right one. You purchase it, and then what happens? Amazon offers you a bundle offer additionally even for a better price, you probably buy it, because it represents good value and everybody are happy.

This is a typical sales funnel with the up sale. It’s implemented in most strategies of the companies, and it works brilliantly. You can use it as well and make a fortune with it. Facebook and other social networks are the perfect environments for a start because of their super large auditory.

Affiliate marketers are using ClickFunnels as their go-to tool to get customers.

ClickFunnels Story

Russel together with Todd started a company in 2014. In 5 years they grew ClickFunnels to $360 000 000 million giant company. In the world where new businesses mostly fail, that speed of growth is incredible.

After I joined ClickFunnels and understood how to create funnels it made total sense. They made a system easy to repeat. 

Funnel building and design are so simple, that everyone can do it.

They also created a perfect sales system which works brilliantly.

You don’t have to invent the new wheel anymore, just use the one that works for everyone else.

They will train you on how to sell anything.

Sell me this pen

Are you in a position to do it? What strategy would you use? Imagine what will be your limits if you master how to close sales…….? To get it, you need to read more and you need ClickFunnels.

Average CEO reads at least 5 books in a month.

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Here is little teaser I will share with you today. Hook, Story, Offer.

The hook will grab your potential customers’ attention.

The story will create a strong emotion.

Hook and story combined will make your offer irresistible to the customer.

People don’t buy because of logic, instead, they buy because of emotion.

Types of funnels

What can you sell using funnels?

You can choose a strategy that fits your business model. Here are examples of an offered type of funnels. They are designed to fit any kind of business.

There are 7 types of funnels, decide which one works better for you.

Russel claims that no matter what kind of business you run, there is a funnel for you.

  • Squeeze funnel (Perfect for targeting emails)

Get new leads, works for all businesses

  • Application funnel (For High ticket products where deals are being closed by phone because of the high price)

High ticket services, Coaching, Finances, Professional services, etc

  • Tripwire funnel (Typical sales funnel with the up sale and/or thank you page)

You sell almost anything here, for example, books, DVD, product samples, etc

  • Sales letter funnel

  • (Video sales funnel followed with the up sale and thank you page)

Pretty much anything, popular in courses, products, and events

  • Product launch funnel (Video opt-in, side letters, irresistible offer)

Great for courses, products, events

  • Webinar funnel (Webinar Registration page, Confirmation, and webinar replay pages)

This funnel is popular and you can sell almost anything you name it.

  • Auto Webinar funnel (Webinar registration, Thank you page and actual broadcasting page)

It’s great for coaching, supplements, business, etc.

These funnels are proven and tested many, many times. There are ridiculous amounts of success stories based on this simple funnel technique. What if you don’t have a product/service? The platform also offers an affiliate program which can make a scalable passive income.

ClickFunnels vs Websites

Imagine you are going to a new supermarket for the first time to buy a certain thing. How would you feel when you have to browse 10 departments in there until you find what you are after? Would it not be easier if you could approach your desired thing without obstacles? Just the same, websites can be complex and hard to navigate through.

That’s why ClickFunnels were invented. Funnel creates a simple and direct relationship between your customer and you. That is a great way how to send a direct message to your prospect. And it makes both sides happy. Besides it, your sales funnel can be more specific, because you exactly know what value your product represents.

So funnels work like magic.

At this stage, you can build a complete funnel in 10 minutes. The platform does all the hard work. Saying, you just find the template which works best for you, customize what you want, and it’s ready to be launched. Therefore, around 40 000 people are using funnels to create their wealth.

Founder of ClickFunnels really cares about your success. You will access secret marketing information.

Take a free trial and implement those marketing tricks in your funnels and see the DIFFERENCE.

Companies with ClickFunnels marketing and tools sell 10× more.

To begin with, Russel Brunson charges around $20 000 per hour for consultation. He will give you his priceless knowledge for FREE.

Why do you need his knowledge? Because he is one of the greatest sales gurus of our time. And he can sell such ridiculous things as potato gun and toilet paper with extreme return (hundreds of thousands USD). No kidding…

He shares all of his sales knowledge in ClickFunnels training. Speaking about, you will get the first 14 days FOR FREE. Click here to become a sales expert.

Closing Sale

Lots of companies are not operating to their full capacity. They struggle to accomplish that last bit of process. That last 2% of total work, which is closing a sale. If you no longer want to be ignored and operate on your full potential, this platform is for you.

If you want to spike your sales into a new level, go for it.

Change is happening and you can be a part of the movement. At 2014 ClickFunnels was born and revolutionized sales market forever with the 300% growth per year. Start 14 Days FREE TRIAL and see for yourself.