benefits of wp engine This is my WP Engine review besides, I use this hosting platform, and I will provide you with benefits and insights of WP Engine hosting you might find useful.

This hosting platform is a leading WordPress hosting platform with over 75 000 customers and over 100 million revenue. Therefore, they are providing digital solutions for companies of all sizes, to build their websites.

Founded in 2010, they took over the WordPress website hosting segment in no time. If you are looking for a reliable foundation to build or maintain your website, and help you to optimize traffic, this hosting platform is for you.

Introduction video

Strengths and Cons

What are WP Engine strengths?

  • Super-fast website hosting
  • Optimizing your site
  • Improving content for SEO
  • Pro themes for an eye-catching design
  • 24/7 live chat ( customer support)
  • Take care of site security, caches
  • Malware
  • Firewall in place
  • Automatic backups and core updates

Any Cons?

  • No training, some basic knowledge of WordPress recommended
  • No domain registration ( they are hosting them, but you need to register them some place else)
  • They do not provide site email

WP Engine speed

I have experience working with other hosting companies, and one thing is certain: speed provided by this hosting platform, can’t be matched by any of the other hosting companies. This is crucial because you want to be visible for search engines, and websites speed is playing a major role in the ranking system.

Many online entrepreneurs quit after a while because they have no traffic on their websites. No traffic means no income. Therefore, some are paying for ads to generate traffic, but sometimes it doesn’t work as intended because of the high costs in advertisements.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to use hosting platform which will make the whole ranking process much easier. Because, this platform promise to companies of all sizes, to drive their business faster.

How they get it done?

Many host providers won’t help you with optimizing your site’s content or performance, this company will take care of that. Therefore businesses should consider this hosting provider. Optimizing your site will lead to higher traffic. As a result, you will have more sales or leads whichever you are targeting.

Example of my website scan results:


problem solving

As you can see their software scans your website and detects all problems and provide solutions. It is a very effective way for site optimization. Get your site SEO sorted!

WP Engine pricing

Let’s look at WP Engine pricing.

Is it worth the price tag?


I would recommend testing that for yourself because they offer 60 days money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with something they will give your money back.

You can find cheaper website hosting platforms on the internet, but they could not match their services to WP Engine.

Test before apply

They allow mistakes only in test mode. You can create a copy of your site and, before applying to the actual site, test all changes. That will prevent unexpected slowdowns or crashes after installing new plugins, themes, etc. This is a cool feature for those who are serious about their site performance 24/7.

The company primarily targets those customers who are not happy with their host providers. To transition easier they offer free and easy migration., you need to install migration plugin in your WordPress website and enter all data they provide, and just wait for a transfer to happen.

You can have a site protection SSL for free, therefore if you are looking for advanced security, premium options could be right for you. WordPress grows influence in the market and at this point more than a quarter of all websites operates within it, so the platform looks more appealing for hackers than ever before. Because of that, this hosting platform looks at this issue seriously and promising the best protection possible.

Pro Themes for free

WP Engine premium themes really stand out and they are powered by the Genesys Framework, feature built-in SEO and security and are all included in your plan.

benefits of wp engine hosting

In my experience with other hosting platforms, I noticed that they not included pro themes in the plan. The website with great design looks more attractive to visitors, so superb theme represent value.

Very responsive customer support

You can access the live chat. Customer support response is fast and world-class engineers will greet you.

I mean, that was my impression after contacting the support team. WP Engine is mainly service based, and they do it well. Forget about auto robots in chats, not this time, only real people dealing with real situations.

Is WP Engine good for everyone?

Based on my experience I would not recommend it to complete startups because WP Engine is complex enough in the core. Seeing that, newcomers should begin by using a hosting company with a step to step guide towards website building and lower price. SiteGround would do the job. 

Are you a business owner looking to increase your online position?

Maybe you are looking for hassle-free internet environment?

Do you want your hosting platform to increase your website performance instead of just hosting it?

Are you struggling with your websites SEO ranking and looking to become visible to your potential costumers?

If you answer yes,  this hosting platform is for you.

Does your page take longer than three seconds to load?

If that’s the case, according to Google/SOASTA report, 40% of your potential customers will leave your page. Therefore, if you want to stay competitive in online marketing word, you need to think about website speed. Thankfully, this hosting platform can guarantee you an average of 27% faster load time.

With WP Engine as your host, you will never think about your websites security and emergency crash scenarios. Because their dedicated security engineering team will help quickly recover your website.


This review is my subjective opinion.

If you use the most popular website management system (WordPress) then WP Engine will be your best friend for creating and delivering the amazing digital experience and strengthen your business. This is exactly what your goal should be. This platform is a great business investment, that’s why It earned my recommendation.

Blazing fast with some serious software solutions for you. Not to mention the Genesis framework themes for free. They alone could cost your membership.