Welcome to About OakFamilyLab page.

Do you know that you can make money while you sleep? Seeing that, the internet world never sleeps. 

I believe, in order to achieve your desired goals, you need to change the way you think.

Don’t fear change! Because change is simple….not easy ( Mel Robbins)


Who am I

About OakFamilyLabMy name is Ainars and I am a simple family man with a goal to build my online empire. I am married to my amazing wife, she is into healthy stuff. Quite often she is using me as a Guinea pig for her healthy nutritional food and drinks experiments and I don’t mind:)

You can find her at FIToaks Family website.

In the process of expanding my online business, I want to show how you can do the same. 

Before I become an entrepreneur I have had hard times working in a factory.  I hoped to improve my situation and in order to change it, I left the factory and have started to drive Uber. Unfortunately Uber was hard work without the return I expected, so I had to keep looking further. 

Next decision changed my life forever. I finally realized the importance of knowledge and started to read books. Not just any books, but those recommended by other great leaders in business. They transformed my mindset.

They literally changed the way I think and act.

As you think so shall you be or, in different words- you become the one you think about most of the time.

Why I am here

 I am really passionate about what I do and I want to share my experience with You, my reader.

I went through many techniques which are being used in the online business world, for example, blogging, drop shipping, google maps, MLM,  and more and that certainly helped to see how things work.

One thing is certain:

There are no shortcuts. No overnight success. 

Sometimes it might look like that but the chances are, the foundation was laid down. It takes action and persistence to create a successful business online. That process starts inside.

When someone promises easy money without action it should indicate scam alert. Success doesn’t happen to unprepared.

Don’t believe in free lunch.

While there are many ways how anyone can make money online, it is difficult to see clearly which way is appropriate, and which way takes too much effort to achieve goals. But one thing is common in all aspects of online business – value you create will definitely lead to income.

The value is created by you but determined by your readers.

It is up to your readers to decide if your blog is valuable and they want to become your tribe.

For this reason, my goal is to create helpful, unique content. I always aim for quality, not quantity.


My mission is to help people get on the track and I am committed helping best I can. Most of my research is focused entirely on how to get results online faster.  

All the best,