1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes 

This is the amount of data produced every day on the internet. That’s equal to 300 000 000 songs or 90 years of HD video on YouTube. The numbers don’t lie. We live in the age of information, and for bloggers, it’s necessary, to keep up. 

It’s worth to mention, many bloggers just blend in with the crowd. As a result, their content is not doing its main purpose, also known as, reader’s engagement. Sadly, lots of posts get ignored, skipped and mixed in the masses. You should create content which amplifies your brand, especially if you are new in blogging. From now on, no more wasting time on ordinary content. 

In fact, no one becomes a great chess player without practicing the game. Practice and refinement lead to expertise in chess and it also works the same in blogging.


It’s not as hard as you might think.  If you have a content strategy in place, writing your unique post becomes easier. I know, you are busy every day and have little time for practicing stuff.

We are driven by results, not by promises.

That’s why I come up with this content creation strategy. Its purpose is to give a structure of your content, and clarity of your message, even if you are just starting a blog.

Create a big promise headline and benefits driven subheadings.

Headings are expressions of your ideas. Therefore, the paragraph is there to help you explain them.5 proved ways of writing unique posts

The stats claim that 80% of the audience is simply scanning your headlines. If they find their desired answers in headings, they keep on reading the rest of your post. That’s why I recommend the following:

Use the most important aspect of your post idea and insert it into the heading.

Brainstorm all different possibilities and put them on the paper.

Examine all different variations.

Example of headlines I chose from:

How to write a unique post.

How to write great content.

5 tips for writing a great post.

How to write posts that your audience will love.

Structure of unique post.

How to engage with your readers.

Write unique content for the blog.

How to write a quality post for the blog.

Why creating a quality post is important.

What makes the blog content unique.

5 ways of writing unique posts.

I looked at all these options before went with “5 unknown ways of writing unique posts”. 

Why have I chosen this particular heading?

  1. Numbers always work well because people like predictability. Science is based on numbers, and people trust them. It’s no different in headlines.
  2. Odd numbers click rate is 20% higher than even numbers. That’s according to the Content Marketing Institute.
  3. Unknown shows some new information, which is a great hook(we love new stuff).
  4. After careful topic research on Pinterest, I have noticed that other bloggers recommend writing unique posts, at the same time no one specified how that can be done.
  5. My headline is open and it might cause curiosity. That’s what I want.

Those are my arguments for this headline but, remember, subheadings are not less important. Purpose of the headline is to draw people to read the first paragraph. 

The purpose of subheadings is same. They should intrigue your readers enough to keep reading the whole story. They should lead your readers through the journey.

To create a nice journey for your reader, I, personally, follow this system:

  1. Research topic and create a headline
  2. Brainstorm what beliefs your audience has about this topic
  3. State those objections
  4. Break them with problem-solving subheadings.
  5. Create a logical order
  6. Ideally, subheadings should flow like a story.

The lesson is: don’t rush your posts and think about structure first. 

This system works if you know your reader.

Oh no, just please, don’t write to everyone. I hope you already know that you need a clear vision of your buyer persona first. The great post comes after.

2. Know your core values. What are you standing for?

You probably know that a big part of the blogging or business (it’s pretty much the same) success is based on your unique voice. But how do you find your voice? 

It starts with knowing yourself. The only reason I am writing is my inner voice. Without any guidance, that voice could be confusing. And the confusing message is never effective. In this age of information, people abandon posts that are uncertain and confusing. 

To have some clarity in your mind you need to decide what is your moral code. 

What is most important for you? 

What are your core values?

Which problems are you going to solve?

What do you stand for?

In the beginning, it can be a little bit difficult to recognize your unique voice. Don’t give up, though! The more you write, the more you unlock your potential. Answers to the questions above will help you to find directions. 

Ask yourself: “What is my mission?”

You need to know where you are going, otherwise, you will not get there. Once you’ve found your unique voice, keep improving it. Practise leads to perfection. 

3. Be the storyteller, people love stories.

I spoke to my friend recently and our conversation went to marketing and sales. He was trying to convince me that you don’t need sales skill in your life.5 proved ways of writing unique posts

In his opinion, people who work in sales are sleazy, greedy and only think about personal profits. Every sales email he deletes without reading and considers spam. 

Then I realized that the main reason he was not paying any attention to sales letters is because of the language used. This is a perfect example of a bad marketing approach. It happens when you don’t know your audience and just speak to everyone in a formal way. In the end, this marketing message reaches the spam filter.

People love stories. Good stories stay in your hearth and your mind for a long time. 


the answer is yes, you should use stories in your posts. If crafted well, they will resonate with your reader and help you create a positive relationship. 

Special tip: Use your own story when possible!

4. Visual presentation of your post really matters

The thing is, writing is, certainly, the most important task of the great post. But, it doesn’t end there. Pure writing can only take you that far.

There is something out there that amplifies your content and take it to a different level of engagement. Well, you should know it anyway. Social media is focusing on that one, and this content just becomes more trendy. It’s visual content.

Hubspot created a case study and find out that 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers. Moreover, case studies suggest that demand for video content will rapidly increase, which means, it’s time to improve your skills in filming and editing.

Visual images can create more engagement. When people read information, they are likely to remember 10% of it three days later. When you add relevant images to the same content they will remember 65%. 

So, use visual content in your posts.


5. Improve your post, edit, and edit…

Your posts are a mirror of your knowledge and personality. There is always room for growth. Every time I check my older posts I find areas to enhance. I consistently learn new information and write more every day. That leads to a better understanding of what my posts should look like. That explains why this process never ends. As long as we grow there is more room for improvement.

It’s the same for writing a post for the first time. For me, it takes around 6 hours to get the post written. Then I take a break and come back later to check and edit the post. Editing with a fresh mind always works out much better. 

Thinking is not the straight line(linear). Ideas are coming and going, some we capture, others let go.

Best things in life take time.

What did we learn

To sum up, what did we learn? 

If blogging is new for you or you are looking to improve your writing skills, start with finding your topic idea first. Next step is to think about your potential reader and his objections about your amazing idea.

Figured them out? Great.

The best way to answer the questions is to answer them before they are asked. It’s time to write down your heading and subheadings. In a perfect scenario, your subheadings are benefit driven answers.

Don’t copy others, write in your unique style. Think about your core values and what your mission is.

What do you want to accomplish with your blog? 

You need clarity in your head, to provide a clear message to your readers. Define your values and you will find your voice. 

In order to make a post even more engaging, use visual content, for example, videos, images, infographics and more. Your readers will be thankful for that.

Don’t forget to optimize your posts. Our thinking is dynamic, and sometimes we get unbelievable ideas spontaneously.

Thanks for stopping by. Share this post if you found it helpful.