Have you ever been in a helpless situation, when you feel you tried everything but nothing works? You tried this, you tried that and something still was missing? That’s because sometimes for complex situations we need a team. For example, a successful blog needs visual design, research, writing, content management and creation, SEO, promotion, social media, etc. If you will pay attention to these aspects, your blog will grow fast. That’s why this post is dedicated to 30 tools which will help you grow your blog much faster.30 tools to grow your blog faster in 2019

Where is my focus in this game? My strengths are researching, writing and promoting, the other duties need to be delegated. I believe that you must do the most important tasks because they will determine your course as a blogger. It’s not smart to do everything by yourself, because there are great tools that can do the job for you and speed up your progress.

Your blog is your business, so treat it like the one. Implementing blogging tools will help you tremendously to take your blog to the next level. What next level is? Well, you tell me. It could add extra ‘zeros’ to your monthly income statement or growing your traffic at a faster pace or both. No matter what your progress is at the moment, there is always room for improvement.

“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”

Hosting services

Your hosting provider is the hearth of your blog. If you are serious about blogging, take a self-hosted option. That will help to increase your site performance and give opportunities to monetize your blog. It’s like imagine you are driving a car and hosting provider is your engine. 

Make sure your engine is properly built. Just like these hosting providers:

  • Hostinger  (cheap and reliable hosting)
  • SiteGround (top rated all-rounder)
  • WPEngine (technology and innovation giant)
  • Wix (Use their landing page templates to create beautiful sites)

Content management and ideas creation

Are you running out of ideas on how to generate winning content marketing? Often it’s hard to come up with fresh and juicy ideas because everything was said before. So, how to choose what to write next?

Content management tools are designed to do the hard work for you. With the help of these tools, you can identify what is trending right now and define keywords. You can track your competition and take those ideas about what works and make them even better.30 tools to grow your blog faster in 2019

Think about this.

We create every day around 2 million new blog posts all around the world and additionally only Pinterest is responsible for over 14 million pins. 

These figures show how important is to stand out in the sea of millions of other bloggers. How to achieve that? With attractive headings and subheadings. Pay attention to small things, everything matters.

Content management tools can guide you through the quantity of content available and select the best outcomes for you.

  • Semrush (amazing content management and SEO tool)
  • BuzzSumo (respected content analyzer and topic explorer)

SEO optimization

Where are you looking for information when you want to improve your skills? Well, the chances are, you are Google(ing) it just like everyone else. People search 63 000 times per second or 5.6 billion times per day.  It’s been said countless times and I will say it again: take care of your SEO, make sure you show up on a search.

Here are awesome SEO tools for every blogger and budget.

Content Research

Every blog post starts with deep research. I have been studying the techniques of copyright schools and they thought me how important research is. 30 tools to grow your blog faster in 2019Big ideas are not solely born in you, instead, I discover them throughout the research process. At this stage of evolution, everything is at your reach. All you need to do is to go and get it. The platforms below will make your research so much easier.

  • Quora (one of my favorite forums) 
  • Reddit (super large forum with lots of content)
  • Google (everyone knows this one)
  • Google Trends ( find trends in real time)
  • Pinterest (browse popular pins to find ideas)
  • YouTube (tons of content)

Proofreading tools

Don’t forget what drowned Titanic. It was Iceberg. The lesson here is, the greater part of the iceberg is hidden under water. Bad grammar can end your reader’s interest in your blog!30 tools to grow your blog faster in 2019

Use proofreading tools to avoid these situations. Grammar might look ok and insignificant to you, but to others, it can be a distraction to continue reading. It is not just about correctness and errors, it’s about the efficiency of your communication. With good grammar, you will look professional and gain more credibility.

That’s why better make sure that grammar is your top proority .  These tools can help you with that.

Picture Editing and Visual

Often, I am looking at trends and I can tell you with certainty. Visual content is trending and also creating more engagement than text (like a pure blog) and it is only going up. Look at Facebook ads or YouTube. These are pure examples of the power of video and other visual content. Instagram is becoming an enormous influencer market and if you ever want to become one, edit pictures.30 tools to grow your blog faster in 2019

Follow the trends, they represent what people want the most. Use these tools to make outstanding visual content.

  • Canva (amazing pictures editing for social networks and could be for blog)
  • Pexels (many free pictures)
  • Pixabay (more free pictures)
  • Pictochart (Infographics free trial)
  • Optimizilla (free image compression for your blog)

Email management

If you are working towards expanding your email customer list you are doing a superb job. Conversion rates of email marketing are roughly 3% which is still greater than 1% in social networks. Email automatization will help you save tons of time.email management

These are one of the most popular email tools around.

  • Convert kit (start a free trial, simple and effective on email automation)
  • AWeber (start for free, email automation, segmentation, and other awesome features)
  • Constant Contact (free trial, very popular for bloggers, automation, and other features)

Social Media Management

If you are growing accounts in social media, you probably already know how time-consuming is that. Managing social networks is difficult because your readers want to see posts frequently and they expect high quality. social media management

How to be always on time?

Schedule your posts with these social media programs. They will save loads of your time.  I prefer to schedule posts for one week in advance and then focus on other things. Those tools will help you with scheduling your content.

  • Agorapulse (free, schedule, engage and measure your achievements)
  • SocialPilot (free trial, awesome social media tool)
  • Tailwind (free trial, popular for managing Pinterest)
  • ClickFunnels (free trial, perfect for managing ads, emails and create sales funnels)

Awesome Blog Design

Some bloggers only focus on their writing and forget the importance of blog design.

Once I went to the art gallery and noticed one beautiful picture. Lady from the gallery came and asked me to follow her. She took a picture and brought it to another room with a different ambiance and placed on the wall. Then she turned the lights on. The picture was in the epicenter of the lights and looked magnificent. blog designI bought it immediately.

That thought me the lesson that brilliant presentation will increase the value of your content.

Blog Analytics and Performance

How do you test your content performance and engagement? AnalyticsThis is no brainer, analytics tools are must have for everyone. They will give you all the data necessary to make improvements and optimize your content. Google Webmasters also will show the most ranked keywords of yours and lots of other important issues. No comments here…

Blog Monetization

Here I will share the most popular ways to monetize your blog. If you are just starting your blog and wondering which channels to use look at the most popular ones.

Miscellaneous useful toolbox

This category of tools are not as important as the content optimization tools, hoverer, they will save your time and will give peace of mind. I am using Evernote to save hashtags for Instagram, and if I need to post affiliate links, I use Bitly to shorten them. Affiliate links often are too long and look terrible on social media.

Small tip: Don’t forget to decompress pictures, that will improve your site speed.

I have added more tools here, they can help you with security and formatting issues. These are free.


I crafted these lists specifically for bloggers. Your readers expect great content every time. Your job is to not only exceed their expectations but overcome them. Thankfully, you are not alone in this mission, these tools can help you navigate through the bad and good content and pinpoint ideas with laser accuracy.

Time management plays a major role every day and if you schedule your tasks smart, you will accomplish more. Delegate and organize your work more efficient and increase your productivity. All necessary tools to scale your blog at the reach of your fingertips.